In 1989, there was a need for a Coptic Orthodox church in the West Side. A group of people residing in Santa Monica gathered together and decided to found a church. Church services were performed on Saturdays at a school hall in Santa Monica. Finally the existing church was purchased in 1993. Regular services were held in this building ever since.

In 1995 a small chapel in the name of the Virgin Mary of Zeitun was concerated adjacent to the main church.

The congregation of the church at the time it was founded consisted of 60 families. Today, we have approximately 300 families. The number of the congregation gradually increased when there was a permanent pastor working full time, at the time the building was purchased. The pastor was assisted by a dedicated team of volunteer ministers for the youth and children. This attracted a lot of people from Santa Monica, west Los Angeles and the vicinity to attend regularly.


The church performs several special ministries that meet a variety of needs of the congregation and community. They include, but not limited to:

  1. Youth Ministry for high school and junior college members,
  2. Ministry of sporting youth and physical fitness
  3. Youth Ministry for young professionals and new immigrants
  4. Outreach ministry, performed by the young professionals for community services, preparing meals for the homeless
  5. Newly-wed couples and premarital courses of study and orientation
  6. Catechumens ministry to educate newcomers to the church faith and traditions
  7. Senior members ministry and club, to arrange for activities, outings and satisfy their needs
  8. Ministry of counseling with parents/teenagers to handle their spiritual and social needs and conflicts.
  9. Vacation Bible Study for children and youth.

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