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  1. Monday, May 15 marked the Commencement Ceremony of the first graduating class of St. Athanasius and St. Cyril Theological School. In the Blessed presence of His Imminence Metropolitan Serapion, His Grace Bishop Rafael and His Grace Bishop Kyrillos, along with … The post Congratulations to the First Graduating Class, Class of 2017! appeared first on St. Athanasius & St. Cyril...
  2. In this meditation, His Eminence speaks about Christian unity in light of recent ecumenical events (Arabic). https://www.dropbox.com/s/sl26it5q0qtjmoy/towards%20Chritian%20Unity.m4a?dl=0
  3. “And I’ll tell you this, my child, that the days will come when the Christians will add to and will take away from, and will alter the books of the Holy Evangelists, and of the Holy Apostles, and of the Divine Prophets, and of the Holy Fathers. They will tone down the Holy Scriptures and […] The post A Prophecy...
  4. Liturgical Theology with His Grace Bishop Raphael (In Arabic Only). These series of lectures will examine theological thought inspired by engagement with the Coptic Orthodox liturgical tradition. After an in-depth examination into the theological understanding of Orthodox worship and the … The post His Grace Bishop Raphael on Liturgical Theology appeared first on St. Athanasius & St. Cyril Theological School.
  5. Summer 2017 brings the unique opportunity of the Servant Leadership Certificate Program. The course, designed for college students, graduates, and young professionals, provides tools and strategies to develop skills in leadership, particularly servant leadership, that can be applicable not only … The post Program Highlight: Servant Leadership Certificate Program appeared first on St. Athanasius & St. Cyril Theological School.

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