Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

The Egyptian Christian Church is one of the first and earliest Christian churches that was established in the Christian world. St. Mark one of the seventy apostles. who wrote the Gospel of St. Mark, established the Egyptian church. Earlier he preached with St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Barnabas, then went to preach in his native country, namely the "Five Western Cities" in North Africa and from there he went to Alexandria, Egypt where he established the Egyptian Church.  St. Mark is considered the "First Bishop" of Alexandria. St. Mark was martyred in Alexandria. His relics were secretly taken to Viennese, Italy, centuries later where he was honored by the Italian people. In 1968 his relics were returned back to Cairo Egypt by the permission of the Pope of Rome and was received by Pope Kyrillos VI and hosted in the new St. Mark Cathedral.

The Pope of the Church of Alexandria His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, is the 117 Th. Patriarch of The See of St. Mark, in succession to St. Mark who is considered the first bishop of the Church of Alexandria. The Coptic "Egyptian" Church has extended to the rest of the world by the migration of many Copts. There are hundreds of churches in Europe, Canada, United States, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Two French Bishops in France and the British Orthodox Church in Britain joined the Church of Alexandria with their congregations. Now there are many Coptic bishops in USA and Europe. The establishment of Coptic churches outside Egypt was accomplished during the time of H.H. Pope Kyrillos VI through his support to his emissary the late Bishop Samuel who succeeded in helping the immigrants to have Egyptian churches in their new countries. During the time of Pope Shenouda III, this expansion flourished and now present in many countries all over the world


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