How to Pray

Scripture Reading: Matt.6:5-15.

1. What to pray for first? Give Praise and Thanks to God.

2. How to Pray: John 14:13-14, Ask in Jesus Name so the Father will be glorified. I Thess.5:17 - Without Ceasing. Matt.6:16 - In Private. Ask the Father through Jesus Name = John 16:23-24; 1 John 5:14-1 5; Ask in His will James 1:5-6 Ask in Faith Don’t waver. Luke 18:10-14 humility like the Publican.


3. What we must do: Mark 11:24 -Believe. Heb.11:10 Have Faith.Diligently seek Him. Heb.4:1 6-Come boldly. 1 John 1:9 Confess Sins. Matt.7:7 Ask Seek Knock James 5:7 Claim and remind God promises. James 5:15 Confess and pray for each other. Phil:4:6 Don’t worry,pray, ask and thank God. John 15:7,16 Abide in Him -how? by hearing God’s word, believing it and obeying it.

4. What to pray for: 1 Pet.5:7 Cast cares upon Him. Matt.6:10 God’s will, daily needs, forgiveness, protection from temptation. James 5:13 Relief from affliction- 14- Sickness Spiritual and physical. 15: Promise of salvation. Ephes.6:18 - Pray watch Persevere, pray for others. Matt.6:33 Seek ye first.

5. How does God answer? According to His will. No Wait. 1 John 3:22 Ask, receive - do what pleases God. Psa.66:18- Regard iniquity- God won’t hear. Prov.28:9 Turn from hearing law abomination. v.13 - don’t cover sins. James 4:3 - ask amiss,selfish, greedy. Matt.18:19-I agree it shall be done.

6. Who is involved? Matt.6:9 Pray to the Father. John 14:13-14-Through Jesus. Rom.8:26-27; Holy Spirit intercedes, making perfect prayers.

7. What happens when you remind God of His promises when praying? James 1:5-wisdom. God has to fulfil His promise-not a liar. Psa.84:1 1 Nothing good with held from the upright. Matt.21 :22- And all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

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