Visitation at Zeitun

Since the evening of Tuesday April 2, 1968 (the 24th of Baramhat, 1684 A.M.), the apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, have continued in her Church in Zeitoun, Cairo. The apparitions have been on several nights and are continuing. The Holy Virgin sometimes appeared surrounded with a halo of shining light. She was seen in different locations such as on the windows of the domes of the church, And, she was observed walking on the roof of the Church. When she knelt in reverence to the Cross, the cross shone with a bright light. Waving her blessed hands and nodding her head, she blessed the people who had gathered to observe the miracle.

She sometimes appeared in a cloud of light and sometimes as a figure of light. Her apparitions were sometimes preceded with heavenly bodies shaped like doves moving at high speeds. The apparitions continued for long periods, up to 2 hours and 15 minutes as in the dawn of Tuesday April 30, 1968 (the 22nd. of Baramouda, 1684 A.M.), where she appeared continously from 2.45am tifi 5.OOam. Thousands of people of different denominations and religions, Egyptians and foreign visitors observed the miracles. The description of each apparition as of the time, location and configuration was identically witnessed by all people, which makes this apparition unique and sublime.

Two Important aspects accompanied this miracle: The first is an incredible revival in the faith of many, repentance of many, and the return of many who had strayed away from the faith. The second are the numerous miracles of healing which were verified by many Physicians to be miraculous in nature. The Church confirmed the apparition after a thorough investigation by the Church Council. assigned by His Holiness Pope Cyril(Kyrellos), who observed the miracle as well. Therefore, the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate declares with great joy and humility of the heart the confirmation that the Holy Virgin Mary appeared clearly on several nights at different nights at different times, for periods lasting on occassions more than 2 hours, the location of the Church in Zeitoun is on the path that the Holy Family took when visiting Egypt. May God make this miracle a symbol for peace in the world, and a blessing for our nation as it has been prophesied: “Blessed is Egypt My people”.


Moslems and Christians alike, they have shuffled through the sandy yard of Zeitoun’s Church of Saint Mary for three months, since the Virgin was first said to have appeared miraculously florting over the Church’s dome.She is held in high regard by the Moslems. As a result, Zeitoun has quickly become a major center of worship and of the ancient art of faith-healing. Many of the affing say that they feel better after having come here. “With the help of the Virgin it is easy to draw the devils out”, said a muscular young Coptic Priest Fr.Youhanna Boulos, smiling in the light of the pilgrims’ candles one recent evening. With silver cross in his hand in his hand he bent over a burly epileptic who was sprawled on a sheet in the Churchyard. “What is your name? What is your name? Speak or I will burn you with fire.” Fr.Boulos shouted in Arabic.He was not addressing the sick man a Moslem tannery foreman named Mohammed Ahmed Abbassy, but the devil that was in him.The devil answered that he had been in him for 20 years and his name was Sergious. .Sergious. He gave him a sign that he will depart from the man coming out the left foot.

A moment later, Mr.Abbassy’s left foot rose from the sheet and trembled in the air as though something was trying to escape from it. Then it fell back limply. “Now go and peace be with you,” the priest cried exultantly. Beyond the candle light, a woman began with the shrill trilling cry that Arab women use in moments of great joy. Through this act the man became a Christian as it was a Christian Priest who exhorcised the Devil.

Official investigations have been carried out with the result that it has been considered an undeniable fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing on Zeitoun Church in a clear and bright luminous body seen by all present in front of the Church, whether Christians or Moslems.

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