Spiritual Wars

How do you overcome the thought?

1 - Do not fear fighting the sinful thoughts. Do not assume you will lose the battle. You will be victori ous and glad and will be experienced in spiritual matters and God will reward you for your struggle

2- Keep your mind busy with spiritual thing or focus on any other thing. Thus your mind is busy when the devil brings a sinful thought to you. This is a preventive procedure. Take control of your thoughts and do not be led by your thoughts. Do not be idle lest the devil will occu py your mind and fills it with his desires.

3- The spiritual reading is very useful. It occupies the mind and prevents sinful thoughts. It is also beneficial in positive way because it offers a spiritual material that is useful for contemplation and fills the heart with pure feelings and you will grow in God's love and virtue. It gives strengthens your heart so it can dismiss the adversary thoughts.

4- Be alert always and watch your purity. Do not be robbed by sinful thought and be sensitive. Dismiss the thought from the start before it becomes powerful and weakens your resistance. Do not let the sinful thoughts stay for any period of time in your mind otherwise they build strongholds and become powerful. You get weaker if the sinful thoughts continue and reside inside you until a time comes and you will lose power to resist them and then you fall. Therefore watch and dismiss those thoughts immediately.

5- Pursue obtaining virtues. Let your mind cling in remembering God through prayers, contempla tion, reciting sentences of Divine love, and by joyful praises. Then the mind will stay at its spiritual level and will never be occupied by thoughts of sin and will reject them. This is pre ventive method.

6- Distance yourself from stumbling blocks that bring sinful thoughts. Refuse any harmful meet ing, every sinful friendship or sinful companionship. Do not read stuff that brings impure thoughts lest you will be astray from spiritual mind. Distance yourself from sinful hearing or images or videos or conversations that cause the sinful thoughts. Be careful to keep your senses pure because the senses are the gates of the mind. If you do not watch your sens es, you will be the enemy of yourself. Let your senses help you and not against you.

7- Be aware of the useless thoughts that are not either good or bad. They may be an introduction to sinful thoughts. The man that cannot control his mind and leave it loose may settle on bad things. Therefore tie your mind with what is good and useful either in your work or your responsibilities or in your public service.

8- If the thoughts get stronger then flee and talk with people and so your mind will be thinking of new ideas. You can talk to God through prayers.

9- The spiritual rule is to flee from sinful thoughts and not to fight them. Your mind will be injured even if you won the battle of fighting it. Do not be deceived and say I like to see its start and its end even from the psoint of curiosity because you know exactly that this thought will harm you if you leave it for a while inside you. Do not say that you will conquer the thoughts but the opposite may happen and they will subdue you and you will prove your weakness.

10- Know that thoughts bear lusts if they exist for a while and know that they will more dangerous if

they move from the mind to the heart or to the emotions.

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