Samaan El Kharaz Cave Church

The chuch was found and established in the Mokattam Mountain, looking over the city of Cairo, in a district near the "Moukattam Garbage Village"

Hundreds of years ago, at the same site a miracle happened when a ruler asked the Coptic Patriarch to prove his faith. It is mentioned in the Bible : If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can ask the mountain to move and it will. As mentioned in the "Church History" the Patriarch called upon the people to pray. He saw a vision: The Virgin Mary gave him a clue about the man who would lead them in their prayers. That was Samaan, a man of true faith. The people prayed and the mountain moved up and down as they shouted; "God have mercy"

The ruler fearfully asked him to stop praying after it was clear that there was truth about faith and what it can do.

Now the site contains five churches on the mountain and in the caves. It is designated as a tourist site. It is a nice commemoration to the miracle

Artists are making sculptures on the stones and rocks of the mountain.

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